Any K9, Any Time

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Hi, I was looking at some items to put into this blog, and I realized that it was not including

all our k9 friends.  Big K9 Country, doesn’t mean just physically large, it’s a reference to the

Heart of the Animal. Like most dogs, it’s a very large heart.  If treated correctly, and raised

as a pet should be, to find a more dependable friend is indeed difficult. So in a manner of apology

to our “not so large” little heroes. Allow me to  introduce Dauphne, (lady Dauphne, from her point of view)


Dauphne and Meg
Hello, Megs resting right now.

she’s the lead terrorist when she’s visiting. I was concerned my two wouldn’t be “nice” to her, but it turns out, after the smoke

cleared, Dauphne was running things during her visit.  A 9 pound, pocket-sized, ball of energy, moved in and took over in a relatively short time.

(We kept an eye on things pretty closely, a little jealousy showed up but was settled quickly.)  Beautiful little creature, with an entirely different way of

bringing joy to the fortunate owner. Can’t criticize small dogs, they provide a lot of companionship for people that can no longer

be out in the world, the way they used to be.  I want all dog owners to be comfortable, here and feel they belong any time,  Big K9 Country has room

for all dogs and would be happy to share any photos or comments, or information you would like to post.

Thanks again for your time, stay safe, have a great day