Dog Humour….a great way to start a day.

I was looking around for items to put onto my page, and I ran across a joke in an add. Got to thinking about how much animal humour, and animated humour, the is around dogs. Unbelievable, the items and articles that have been written or recorded. One site was . There are many such place, […]

A Little Help Keeping Them Safe…

Hi, Bill again with some possibly helpful information. Now is the time to think about the insects in your area, that will be showing up just as the leaves start to show up, in your area. Where I live, ticks can be quite a problem. I ran across this article, and I thought it was […]

Any K9, Any Time

Dauphne and Meg

Hi, I was looking at some items to put into this blog, and I realized that it was not including all our k9 friends.  Big K9 Country, doesn’t mean just physically large, it’s a reference to the Heart of the Animal. Like most dogs, it’s a very large heart.  If treated correctly, and raised as […]

Feeding K9’s…they don’t always get what they need.

They don’t always get what they need. Many get too much of what they don’t need. Grocery shopping for me, usually consists of basic food, and always, always, something for the dogs, and most often it isn’t anything they need, just “junk food” for a dog.  So, yeah, I should practice what I preach. I’ve […]

Reason to exercise.

Backyard hunting

One of the things about the corona virus is  that it has benefited the dog community. With all the people quarantined at home, exercise becomes more prevalent.  I see a lot of people, that I never even knew had animals, walking the roads, here in the country.  It’s a nice thing to see, would be […]