Dog Humour….a great way to start a day.

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I was looking around for items to put onto my page, and I ran across a joke in an add.

Got to thinking about how much animal humour, and animated humour, the is around dogs.

Unbelievable, the items and articles that have been written or recorded. One site was

. There are many such place,

and easy to find, just type “dog humour” and watch what you find.

Will be posting items from time to time, that appear to be helpful and interesting to all.

If you know somebody that’s feeling depressed, or need a lift, send them there.  One of the things I am trying to

achieve with my site is to introduce others to some of the things we miss.  Takes someone like

myself, to dig through the bushes, and find things for others to view, and support or reject. The whole

idea,  being information and using it to help. If you have something good, people should hear about it.

A few examples.

Stay safe, have a good day,