Feeding K9’s…they don’t always get what they need.

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They don’t always get what they need.

Many get too much of what they don’t need.

Grocery shopping for me, usually consists of basic food, and always, always, something for the dogs, and

most often it isn’t anything they need, just “junk food” for a dog.  So, yeah, I should practice what I preach.

I’ve managed to settle on a combination of food for my dogs, finally, now they have a steady diet, and appear

to enjoy the  food.  Got to the point where I say “breakfast”, or “supper”, and they come inside without a fuss.

Had lot of times when I almost had to beg them to eat.

There are so many different kinds of food for pets, that it takes a lot of experimenting, (in a good way) to find just

what your particular animal needs for healthy well balanced life. Start with small sample size containers, pups will eat

anything (almost) so be careful, with the little ones.

Many food producers have created some pretty clever, and mesmerizing ads, that claim their food does it all.

My experience, and there’s a lot of animal, and years gone past, has been, to try the smallest, available bag, can, or

box of food and see if the animal eats it. Of course, make sure it has the vitamins and nourishment your pet requires,

for the period of their life, their in….. don’t feed an old animal, food for a younger dog, or vice versa, the elements aren’t there

for good growth and longevity.

Any reputable manufacturer, clearly prints what is in the food, so take a second and read it. It could save you future costs.

The fancier the bag, or box or can, does not add to it’s purpose of  delivering the nutrition, vitamins, and weight gaining properties

to your favourite furry friend. Don’t buy cause it’s pretty.  Also, some of the food is “dusty”, so take precautions yourself.

I had a situation, where I bought a beautiful, 89 dollar bag of food for my two dogs, supposed to be the answer to all dog feeding

problems.  I tried for a week, trying to get either one of mine to eat some of it, not a chance.  So, I though well why waste it, I’ll put it

our for the other animals around….birds, squirrels, mink, weasels, fox, any hungry animal…. nothing touched that bag of food.

Nothing.. left it for a month, then went our cleaned it up, and put it in the garbage.  Just saying, the higher the price, does not

always equal value. Read the reports,  (read other blogs), check it out for yourself.  Ok, enough of me, for now, stay safe

   keep the K9’s activ.