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where did you lose it?

Hello, I would like to welcome you, to the Big K9 Country blog site.
Directed primarily at large dogs, and the many different ways that they inject themselves into, and  improve our lives.

The theme may be large dogs, but all k9’s are included,  they just come wrapped in a different packages the heart of the animal, is the same

You can’t find a better friend, whatever breed you live with.

I am William, (Bill, is preferred)  I’ve been a dog owner for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I lived in a small town,

with a lot of room to roam around and plenty of woody areas, we took our dogs with us everywhere we went (most of my friends had dogs as well )

usually,  just watching, and reacting to your mood, and wanting to be where you are. So, I tend to relate toward the larger, breed of animal.  Never too far away,

always within voice range. (oh, except in the case of squirrels, then, for some strange reason, they go deaf)

Now, I still live in the country, with lots of room to roam, and I have two dogs to keep up with.

Quite a few of my friends live in a situation that doesn’t allow for a large breed, as a result, I’ve learned to appreciate the smaller K9 friends as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, my way of reaching out to others to invite you to share important information, and great moments with your k-9. family Stay, safe, have a good day.

Thank you for your time, Talk later. William ( actually Bill, unless it’s a legal thing)

Waiting for bedtime story