Reason to exercise.

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One of the things about the corona virus is  that it has benefited the dog community. With all the people quarantined at home, exercise becomes

more prevalent.  I see a lot of people, that I never even knew had animals, walking the roads, here in the country.  It’s a nice thing to see, would be

nice if it continued, after the emergency situation is taken care of. But after this situation, things will go back to the way they were.

Pets will be laying waiting for their owners to come home,  for a little attention, not like now, where they are the star, because owners are trying

to find things to do, and what’s easier than strolling along with your favourite pet.  I’m lucky that way, home with my dogs almost all the time.

One of the few advantages of retirement. Big thing is, even though your in the fresh air, and all seems good, do not take chances, pay attention to the social

distancing, ( a little tough to explain to your K9 buddy) but he’ll get over it. Would be good for the animal, and the owner, if some time was spent designing a way

to continue the exercise routine.  Not a good way to do it, but looks like we had to take a break, re-assess our life style. The best stress  relief available, and both gain a fortune

from it. Your attention to your K9 will be paid back many times over.

Stay safe, have a great day, talk later


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