Spring change over.

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Just about into a new season, with the snow dropping, and wild life starting to move around, it’s time to focus on

other situations that come up, living in the country. Meg, and Nimo, that’s my dog’s names, love the winter,

they can see anything moving around, day or night, and I notice it mostly at night. (that’s when they hear things outside, and

just have to go check it out) 3:30 appears to be when most of the animals in the area start to move around.

Have to quit letting them out soon, at least not before I see what’s out there, getting into skunk, porcupine, and bear time.

There’s a large fenced area for them to be in when I’m out, time to start using it a bit more. Got to keep our buddies safe

the curiosity side of them can start a lot of problems. Oh, yeah, don’t forget the insects, ticks and other biting bugs. A lot

of items available to protect them with. Just a matter of remembering to get it done.  Be careful yourself, as well, not exactly a

nice place at the moment. Stay safe, have a good day